CNet Training Legacy Statement

At CNet Training, we are committed to creating a legacy for the digital infrastructure industry.

CNet designs and delivers high-quality technical education programs across the world for the digital infrastructure industry (comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors). CNet is committed to creating a legacy of delivering sustained quality and a more confident future throughout the industry. CNet will continue to encourage the industry to raise the bar and understand the importance of education and professional development. Developing and enhancing the skills and knowledge of your teams increases the quality of delivery and workmanship and therefore helps to mitigate human risk within the mission critical facilities. I firmly believe that leaving a legacy is very important. By developing a strong, diverse, ethical, and sustainable industry, we can leave a legacy and create opportunities for businesses and individuals to thrive and support the wider society. As an industry, we have a duty of care to invest in the industry, to make it the best we can, to leave a legacy behind for the next generation.

CNet’s lifetime commitment to education and the industry’s future:

  • CNet is committed to creating a legacy of delivering sustained quality programs and creating a more confident future for the industry as a result of professionally certified knowledge
  • CNet is striving to change the industry by encouraging organisations to commit to self-regulating their teams with industry recognised certifications
  • Working closely with leading organisations within the digital infrastructure industry CNet continues to design and create technical education programs that lead to standardised certifications that will, in turn, improve and encourage a recognised standard of quality across the entire industry
  • CNet continuously strive to provide learners with a lifetime commitment to learning and continued professional development through high-quality learning that awards both official certifications and internationally recognised qualifications
  • CNet’s live Instructor-led remote attendance programs provide learners with even more convenience and new ways of learning to enhance the entire learning experience for customers
  • All CNet employees are science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) ambassadors, working to inspire the next generation to consider a career in the Digital Infrastructure Industry and the importance and value of STEM skills
  • CNet is continuously inspiring new generations to consider the digital infrastructure industry as a possible career choice as well as encouraging more diversity and inclusivity across all roles within the industry
  • CNet supports and encourages sustainability and efficiency across data centres. CNet is working to change the way the industry analyses, plans, designs, implements and manages the data centres by providing the skills and knowledge to create a more sustainable strategy that considers the effects on the environment
  • CNet is leading the way by working closely with industry organisations to design and develop professional programs that meet industry requirements, therefore helping to set the educational standards for the industry

Andrew Stevens
President and CEO, CNet Training