Our Global Clients Value Our Programs and Expert Instructors:

Individuals and the companies they work for all over the world are benefitting from the skills and knowledge that they gain from attending programs from CNet Training.

It’s just one of the reasons why we are considered the world’s leading data centre and network infrastructure education provider. Industry professionals know that when they attend one of our programs they will come away with the knowledge that will allow them to excel in their work based activities.

We ensure that every one of our carefully designed and delivered programs exceeds expectations, and because we regularly review the content of every program, it is always as relevant as possible and reflects current developments.

And don’t just take our word for it, our Clients agree, please see below
Also, read client feedback about our Expert Instructors:

Department of Navy
"The CDCMP® was a fantastic program. Great material, great Instructor and great in class network. It's good to hear other people in different industries management practices for their data centre."
Site Manager - Ajilon Consulting
"The Masters Degree was very well delivered and met all of my expectations. I would recommend it for somebody working in the data centre environment."
Technician - Equinix
"CNCI® is a MUST HAVE for installers, it gives in-depth details on cables, proper handling & testing."
President - ADA Station
"The CDCDP® program is 100% worth the time and finances. It brings the whole data centre into perspective. Gives the customer what they are wanting from the centre."
Data Centre Lead - WVNET
"Well worth the time and cost. Already have plans to implement when I return to work."
Infrastructure Manager - CableCom Networking Limited
"The CNID® is an excellent program. An extremely educational and satisfying program, it exceeded my expectations, thank you."
Data Centre Engineer - HPE
"The CDCAP® program is intense yet the Instructor made everyone in the class think about the wastes/inefficiencies within data centres we can easily avoid and as a result our companies could save millions while respecting the environment."
Installation Planning Rep/Data Centre Planner - IBM Corp
"I enjoy the CDCDP® program and the Instructor did a great job with the remote attendance delivery, a very valuable program."
Data Centre Specialist - Carefirst, Inc
"The CDCTP® is an awesome program packed full of very useful information for my organisation."
Data Centre Technician - Bluepoint Technologies
"The CNCI® is a fantastic program, I would recommend to anyone within the industry."
Senior Infrastructure Project Manager - Bloomberg
"Best instructor Ever!! Brilliant! Seriously, just a phenomenal week of learning for the CDCMP® Program!"
Telecomms Engineer - South Hook LNG Terminal Company Ltd
"I am so happy to learn the CTPM® program that it feels like I have discovered a new ice cream flavour. This will help me to monitor and control my project extensively without rushing last minute resources to finish on time."
Technician - C Spire
"The CDCEP® is super informative and the Instructor is fantastic and engaging. You will learn about things you would have never thought of."
Site Services Technician
"CNet Training is doing a great job with bringing awareness to what we need to know."