Program Delivery Methods

CNet is serious about technical education and dedicated to offering the following methods of learning to customers around the world. Below is an overview of each.

Instructor-led Classroom-based

Attending a classroom of a program delivered by an expert Instructor with many other learners in the same room. Some argue that being away from the workplace allows more creativity and free-flowing thinking, others prefer to learn in their workplace where they can bounce ideas around with colleagues as they learn, which can further help enrich the learning experience. However, with place-based classroom learning there is the added benefit of not knowing who else will attend. This can add a further dimension to the learning as you can share ideas and experiences from others in the sector within similar roles.

Live Instructor-led Remote Attendance

Live and Interactive Classroom Learning Remotely

There are various forms of remote attendance learning available. Some simply provide details to join an on-line meeting that allows you to see and hear an Instructor or teacher. Others, such as the CNet way, are more sophisticated and allow you to join a classroom environment remotely.

Since 2017 we have been delivering programs via ‘Remote Attendance’.

The CNet Remote Attendance learning experience is different from many others, it is live and fully interactive with both the Instructor and fellow attendees wherever they are in the world. For those who haven't experienced Remote Attendance we have created demonstration sessions and urge our customers to attend a session to be reassured of the high quality learning experience.

We have a full schedule of program dates in time zones across the world.

Read full details of CNet’s remote attendance capability here:

Distance Learning

Ultimate flexible learning where material is accessed online allowing for complete self-paced learning and therefore allowing you to study from wherever you are and at a time that is most convenient to you.

This approach does take focus and motivation as it is all too easy to push the flexible element too far and procrastinate. Secrets to success with distance learning include ensuring you dedicate time by creating a routine and adhering to it, having a quiet place to learn without the distractions of family or work life and using dedicated Online Tutor support (see below).

Some distance learning programs such as the Data Centre Fundamentals, are narrated to further enrich the learning experience and for learners to watch at their own pace.

See CNet’s distance learning programs here:

Online Support

Our aim is to ensure your CNet learning experience is enjoyable as possible within our Learning Management System, CNet Academy. To help achieve this all CNet learners who undertake a distance learning program or attend a program that includes some pre-class study, have access to a dedicated CNet Support Team. The Support Team is made up of technical specialists plus our expert Instructors who have a wealth of experience to share with you and can offer valuable advice and guidance as needed within CNet Academy.

Support includes:

  • Assistance with technical queries regarding the content of your program or pre-class study
  • Guidance if you experience any difficulties with any parts of the program or pre-class study
  • One-to-one calls to help you navigate CNet Academy

You will also receive useful announcements and reminders via the Learner Forum within CNet Academy.

On-site Programs

Here, one of CNet’s expert Instructors delivers the educational program to multiple people from the same organisation at their place of work, at the same time. This is the ultimate convenience for the learners and ideal if they can escape the distractions of their day-to-day work whilst at their workplace. It also encourages team discussion and team work as colleagues can learn and innovate together.

Read full details of CNet’s on-site program opportunities here: