The CNet Technical and Expert Instructor Team

Our global clients really value our expert instructors – read their latest comments:

At CNet Training we are proud of our ability to provide program learners with access to some of the most respected and technical minds in the data centre and network infrastructure industry. This may seem obvious, but is sometimes overlooked; a great Instructor has knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject matter that they are teaching. They are prepared to answer questions and keep the material interesting for the program learners.

Successfully delivering quality training and education to a class is a very different skill to that of presenting to large audiences at conferences. It requires a detailed understanding of the science of teaching and assessment, so here at CNet Training we ensure that all of our Instructors are qualified in this skill set; they each have their own professional development plan to ensure that an engaging personality and a teaching style with clear objectives for the education programs are their overriding objectives.

Plus, every Instructor is employed by CNet Training (we do not use sub-contractor Instructors) and undertakes a rigorous Train-the-Trainer Process to ensure their knowledge of each subject and quality of delivery meets our quality expectations.

A cornerstone of CNet Training’s Train-the-Trainer process is the level 4 certificate in Education and Training which all Instructors undertake. This, in combination with their years of experience and knowledge of the subject matter, leads to an unparalleled level of expertise in the delivery of The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework.

This is why our Instructors are world renowned and qualified to deliver training programs that match their areas of specialist knowledge. They also help to shape the direction of the industries by being members of associations and committees that define how that industry will operate in the future.

Meet the Technical Development Team:

Paul Gorman
Technical Development Manager

Paul is tasked with ensuring the technical content of all the programs throughout The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, from entry level through to qualification level 5, remain current and up-to-date. Paul brings a wealth of knowledge to the company, which includes working as a Telecommunications Engineer for the British Army and within commercial environments working to design and implement complex network and IT delivery programs.

Clint Sherratt BA (HONS)
Technical Developer

Clint works closely with CNet’s Technical Development Manager, developing and maintaining CNet’s network infrastructure programs. Clint brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the CNet team, joining the technical development team directly from the British Army’s Royal Corps of Signals where he served in a variety of telecommunications technical roles including training designer in the British Army. Clint was also responsible for the design, planning and implementation of a project to move the entire Task Force Helmand to a new site in Afghanistan for which he was awarded a Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service.

Lee Johnson
Technical Developer

Lee works within the Technical Development team, where he uses his career expertise to shape and develop CNet’s Data Centre program material. After spending nearly 14 years in the Royal Air Force, where he served as an Aircraft Avionics and Electrical Technician, Lee left the Armed Forces and entered the Digital Infrastructure Industry where he has held roles within ISS, CBRE and Digiplex. Lee enjoys being able to pass on working knowledge to colleagues and help advance learners in their Digital Infrastructure careers.

Meet the Instructor Team:

US LATAM & Canada Technical Manager and 7×24 Exchange International Career Development Mentor - The only full-time female technical Instructor in the world for the Digital Infrastructure Industry and recognised as the one of the Top 25 Women in Technology

Melissa joined CNet Training with over 20 years’ data centre and network infrastructure experience, plus 5 years teaching Data Centre Design and Network Design programs. She has taught at the Top Gun Marine base in California and performed a Data Centre Audit on Department of Defense facilities. Today, Melissa delivers CNet Training’s Global Data Centre programs, including Data Centre Management, Design and Audit.
Melissa featured in - Mission Critical Magazine, We are the City, Intelligent Data Centres.

Learner Comment

"Melissa had an excellent command of the subject matter. She was energetic and kept everyone engaged. I enjoyed her injections of humour during the program, it kept me on my toes without losing sight of the information that was being disseminated."

Instructor and Online Tutor

Patrick Drew came to CNet Training with over 24 years of experience in the industry. He has worked in various roles from Network Engineer to Data Centre Manager, covering Europe, North America and Asia. Now, Patrick is helping CNet spread the message about the importance of sustainability across the industry. He successfully completed the Business Sustainability Management program from the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL). Patrick delivers CNet’s Level 5 Certified Data Centre Sustainability Professional (CDCSP®) program from CNet Training’s highly acclaimed Global Data Centre Education Framework. He is also one of CNet’s dedicated Online Tutors, providing on-going support as part of the pre-class study and during CNet’s Distance Learning programs, including the Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management.

Learner Comment

“Enjoyed the program. I feel it's a necessity for anyone involved with data centres, especially nowadays. Makes all the difference having an Instructor who has experience in the field, knows what he is talking about and enjoys what he does.”

Instructor and Online Tutor

Kevin enjoyed a 22-year career in the Royal Air Force; towards the end of that career he became the Chief Instructor at the Aerial Erector School based at RAF Digby. He also qualified as a City & Guilds fibre optics instructor and an NVQ D32/D33 Assessor. Kevin, who is fluent in French, delivers a wide range of programs, from fibre optics and data centre design programs. In addition, he is also one of CNet’s dedicated Online Tutors, providing on-going support as part of the pre-class study and during CNet's Distance Learning programs.

Learner Comment

"Kevin is a great teacher and is very approachable. Kevin made the program enjoyable and was very involved with helping us understand the modules. Kevin has been very caring and understanding. Teaching 15 grown men can't be easy, we all hope to see Kevin on future training programs."


Tony has joined CNet Training following a successful and impressive career spanning over 23 years within the technical and sales environments of network infrastructure. He demonstrates exceptional knowledge in copper and fibre network topologies having designed custom solutions for clients, and provided on-going management services into data centres.

Learner Comment

"Tony was brilliant, one of the best Instructors I have ever had the pleasure of being taught by. Great anecdotes throughout the program bringing real life experiences into the classroom, would love to go for a beer with you one day!"


Tim delivers the Network Infrastructure programs. He has over 30 years’ experience within the industry having worked within the electrical industry, and as a technical officer for BT and technical consultant and technical director at very progressive network infrastructure organisations. Tim loves teaching and enjoys bringing learning to life by sharing his years of experience with valuable real-world examples.

Learner Comment

"Absolute gentleman. Would highly recommend to others and would like to take another program with Tim. Overall, very enjoyable and interesting. Great Instructor. Recommended for any person starting a data technician career."


John is an experienced and accomplished Information Technology professional with over 20 years of experience and a proven track record following years of managing, designing, relocating, and supporting IT services in data centres. He has been the technical lead for many IT infrastructure and data centre projects including major IT deployments and disaster recovery and has plenty of real-world knowledge to share with CNet Training’s learners.

Learner Comment

"John has a wide range of knowledge with his own personal experience and very humble. He gave good examples of when he was out in the data centre. I’ve gained a lot of information and insight. I have a better understanding of the data centre and how it's constantly evolving."


George is a Registered Building Architect (RA), covering design & construction principle and consultancy to the international design and construction industry with over 25 years’ experience. His impressive skills span the entire industry, from IT data centre design specialist, technology consultant, construction project manager, including construction of mission critical facilities such as data centres, IT & medical facilities and trading floors.

Learner Comment

"George Salinas is an excellent Instructor for this program. His depth of the overall subject knowledge is excellent. His real world experiences and perspectives were a great addition to the program material."


Danny joins CNet Training with over 15 years experience in network infrastructure and has worked on award winning installations for many multinational organisations. At CNet Training his focus is on delivering the sought after programs from The Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework throughout the UK, Europe, Middle East and the US.

Learner Comment

"Danny Turley was very engaging and interesting - easy to listen to and understand and very open to questions. A great way to learn. I have attended other classroom and online training and they can be very boring - Danny kept the information flowing and the discussion was very relevant and interesting."


John joins CNet Training with over 30 years’ experience in the digital infrastructure industry. His experience includes project managing large installation and re-fits for high profile clients and being a team leader for engineers involved within projects. John’s focus at CNet Training is to deliver a number of sought after programs from The Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework.

Learner Comment

"John was very helpful and enthusiastic. He gave everyone an opportunity to participate and was very clear and precise with any questions that were raised."


Tony Clare joins the CNet Training technical team to deliver the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) and Certified Integrated Infrastructure Technician (CIIT®) Programs. He is experienced in project management and has almost 20 years working in the digital network infrastructure industry.

Learner Comment

"I found it incredibly informative and interesting. It was very thorough and I will take a lot away with me. It was refreshing to find an Instructor who both knows the theory plus the 'real' world knowledge. He kept me entertained and I learnt a lot."

Andrew Reeves CNCI CTPM

Andrew joins CNet following 15 years’ experience in the IT Services industry including project management roles with high profile network infrastructure organisations. In previous roles, Andrew has also undertaken a project management role in a variety of large installation projects including work with The London Olympics, BBC, Walt Disney, Westgate Oxford, Bloomberg. More recently he was responsible for the implementation of a disaster recovery team to eight European data centres incorporating a quality improvement plan.

Learner Comment

"Andrew was great, he kept the class involved and engaged. A real confident and caring approach to teaching which I really appreciated. A* grade for Andrew from me."

Gary Herman CNCI CIIT

Gary has worked within the Digital Infrastructure Industry for over 26 years, working on many prestigious large-scale projects around the world in locations such as the Middle East, Macau, Morocco, London and South Africa. He has gained a vast array of knowledge from his roles as a Project Management Consultant, General Contractor, Developer and Contractor for many Large Multinational Organisations within the Banking, Hospitality, Casino, Theme Parks, Education and Transportation Sectors.

Higher and Further Education Principal

Jill coordinates the development of the Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management. She joined CNet from Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, UK and brings with her a vast experience of corporate education, online program development and learner support. She is also an expert in team based learning and innovative education methods in higher education and holds a level 7 certificate in Humantechnics Executive Coaching, awarded by The Bristol Business School of University of West England. Jill’s background includes learning and development in corporate organisations such as Barclays.