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CNet's Remote Attendance Learning

Live and Fully Interactive Classroom Learning Remotely

For the last three years we have been delivering programs via live Instructor-led Remote Attendance classes. We anticipated this would be driven by the need to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally sensitive way, we obviously did not anticipate COVID-19.

So, you could say that our Remote Attendance delivery has been tried and tested over the last three years, allowing learners to feel 100% confident that their learning experience will be professional, effective and of the highest quality.

The CNet Remote Attendance learning experience is different from many others, it is live and fully interactive with both the Instructor and fellow attendees wherever they are in the world. For those who haven't experienced Remote Attendance we have created demonstration sessions and urge our customers to attend a session to be reassured of the high quality learning experience.

We have a full schedule of program dates in time zones across the world that are Guaranteed to Run (#GTR), we are able to deliver fifteen live classes simultaneously. So, it’s business as usual for CNet, we can deliver our entire schedule (excluding COPT® and CIIT® programs) by way of Remote Attendance utilises our Smart Rooms.

Remote Attendance Learning:

  • CNet has delivered remote attendance programs for the past three years, it’s proven and customers enjoy the experience
  • All Remote Attendance programs are Guaranteed to Run (#GTR)
  • CNet has built the capacity to deliver from 15 Smart Rooms therefore allowing us to deliver 15 different programs simultaneously in different time zones across the globe. We are still limiting the class sizes to 16 learners per Smart Room to preserve the high levels of personal interaction and quality of teaching
  • Remote attendees connect to a Smart Room to join the live class
  • Experience is exactly the same as being in an actual classroom (most say better)
  • Classes are live and Instructor-led
  • Classes are fully interactive with the Instructor and fellow attendees
  • Remote attendees can see and hear everyone in the room (and they can see and hear you)
  • Classes include Instructor tuition, visual aids, video and audio
  • Undertake team activities via virtual break out rooms
  • Utilises a Learning Management System to upload assignments
  • Use any device, we include recommendations to optimise the experience

Benefit for Remote Attendees:

  • Save travel cost and time
  • Save accommodation costs
  • Save subsistence costs
  • Environmentally friendly, a more sustainable and greener approach to learning
  • Time zone flexible
  • Learn in the comfort of your chosen environment
  • Working from home friendly

How Does it Work?

Smart Rooms are fitted with the latest high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication and collaboration tools so all learners and the Instructor can see and interact with each other in the usual way.

Remote attendees simply receive a link from CNet Training to download the necessary free software and log in details for the CNet Training Learning Management System. Then, along with the items listed below, remote attendees have everything they need to enjoy the entire learning experience.

Remote Attendees Require:

  • A laptop/PC with unrestricted internet connectivity (suggested >4Mbps dedicated) and the latest browser and suitable applications for reading PDFs and standard office documents
  • A USB camera, microphone and separate speakers are recommended, or integrated camera, microphone and speakers
  • Dual monitors are recommended as ideal to view an extended desktop and further enjoy the learning experience