CNet Training, an Uptime Education Company

Technical Data Centre Education

In 2023, CNet Training was acquired by Uptime Institute, joining CNet together with Uptime Education as the global leading education authority for the digital infrastructure industry.

This significant move unites the organisations and increases the available selection of technical education programs and knowledge progression pathways for professionals across the global digital infrastructure industry.

Investing in technical data centre education increases the knowledge base of your teams, improves operational efficiency, and reduces business risk by ensuring that individuals are fully equipped to work competently and confidently in mission critical facilities following the latest standards and best practices. It also establishes industry professionals as experts in their field who can prove their ability to align and support data centre infrastructure, operations and sustainability with the needs of their organisations.

Technical data centre education begins at entry level, advancing to specialist education in sustainability and energy management, along with courses based on the Uptime Tier Standards, the digital infrastructure’s most trusted and adopted global standard for the design, construction and operation of data centres, and culminating in a Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management. Uptime Institute’s Tier Standards Education programs are taught by data centre professionals, who are recognised as some of the most respected technical individuals in the digital infrastructure industry. Upon successful completion, industry recognised credentials are awarded in the form of an accreditation, certification and qualification.

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