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CNet Training’s certifications require re-certifying every three years. There is more information about this below, however, if you have any further queries, or would like to register for your re-certification please email us or call using the telephone numbers below.

Why re-certify your skills:

  • Ensures you are aware of the latest standards and codes of practice
  • Ensures you can continue to use your post nominal title i.e. Martin Smith CDCDP
  • Provides you with an updated digital badge for a further three years 
  • Provides you with access to the latest program material
  • Provides certification of your status for a further three years
  • Provides new learning to bring your knowledge up-to-date with the very latest changes and technical development within the industry

CNet Training has designed and developed a simple online re-certification process. We utilise a Learning Management System (LMS) allowing students to log on and undertake the re-certification at a convenient time and place for them. The process not only provides further learning, allowing learners to update knowledge and re-certify skills, on successful completion it also provides access to download the program material detailing the very latest technical information that you can refer back to time and time again.

We require all re-certification to be completed by 1st December of the third year after gaining your certification, it is available for you to take within the last 12 months of your 3 year certification period. But don’t worry we will let you know when it is time for you to re-certify and will give you plenty of time to undertake your re-certification. 

During the re-certification learners can receive support via an online forum (to liaise with others taking the re-certification) or directly from CNet Training – there is a link to gain one-to-one support if needed.

The Re-certification Process:

  1. CNet Training will contact you within 12 months of your certification expiry date
  2. Within seven days of purchasing the re-certification we will email you the log in details of our LMS system
  3. You can then work through the re-certification online study when convenient to you (ensuring it is before the expiry date of your current certification)
  4. Once complete we will be in touch to advise you of the result and will issue a new certificate on successful completion

The Re-certification Cost:

The cost per re-certification attempt:

CurrencyRe-certification CostCNCI Re-certification CostCTPM Re-certification Cost
GBP£195.00 + VAT£95.00 + VAT£50.00 + VAT
EUR€240.00 + VAT€110.00 + VAT€55.00 + VAT
US Dollar$295.00$150.00$60.00
Canadian Dollar$295.00$150.00$80.00
Singapore Dollar$395.00$250.00$85.00
Australian Dollar$395.00$250.00$80.00

Book your re-certification now, call us on UK: +44 (0)1284 767100 or US: 302-408-0962 or email

Project Engineer at Cable-Talk Ltd
“The CDCDP® re-certification was a good course, it re-aligned a few pointers I’d forgotten and it’s good to get back up to speed with correct standards references.”