Uptime Accredited Operations Professional (AOP)

Course Overview

As an Accredited Operations Professional (AOP), you will be better equipped to design and operate world-class data centre operations than most of your peers.

IT environments are becoming increasingly complex. To manage them effectively, digital infrastructure managers, supervisors and senior executives need to have advanced knowledge to achieve business objectives across both the physical facility and critical IT systems. The AOP course is designed for Accredited Operations Specialist and Accredited Tier Specialist alumni that are looking to expand their knowledge and take their careers to the next level.

The AOP course teaches site and portfolio-level governance and management concepts, holistic portfolio management approach, and real-life application to meet business and availability objectives.

The AOP is a 16 hour remote course with an accreditation examination covering expanded operations and management strategies for data centres, as well as the translation of complex IT strategy into initiatives and programs to achieve business objectives. The curriculum teaches both principles and practical application. Course material is advanced and intended for facility managers, supervisors or senior executives.

The AOP course provides advanced instruction on the Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability and its application to facility management – especially those looking to meet complex business availability objectives.

Why the Accredited Operations Professional (AOP)?
This course covers a comprehensive range of management topics including operations strategy, working with IT initiatives and planning for IT efficiency, bringing existing knowledge up-to-date with modern and innovative advanced applications.

The benefits of earning the AOP credential include:

  • Increased competitive advantage in the market; qualify for more challenging management environments with the recognition of AOP
  • Improve efficiency and effectiveness in data centre operations
  • Lead mixed IT environments with confidence, using your knowledge to optimise governance
  • Create innovative initiatives and programs by expertly translating facility and IT strategy and objectives

Key Concepts of Operations Strategy

  • Strategy vs. governance vs. management
  • IT dependence
  • Digital portfolios and IT environments
  • Moving from governance to management

Advanced Portfolio Operations Governance

  • Organisational objectives and commitments
  • Organisational factors and limitations
  • Environmental factors and limitations

Portfolio Governance – Translating Strategy into Initiatives

  • Assessing sites and environments
  • Topology assessment
  • Operational assessment

Leadership, Culture & Sustainability

  • Leadership
  • Organisation
  • Activities, roles, and job descriptions
  • Creating a culture of excellence

Initiatives at the Portfolio Level

  • Portfolio training management
  • Portfolio change management

Deep-dive Initiative Part 1 – Improving IT Efficiency

  • IT effectiveness, efficiency, and cost
  • IT efficiency initiative – moving beyond PUE
  • IT efficiency
  • Case studies

Deep-dive Initiative Part 2 – Selling the Efficient IT Initiative

  • Costs of doing nothing
  • Sample business case

Translating Initiatives into Plans & Actions

  • Efficient IT chargeback
  • Key steps to planning and implementation
  • Establishing a baseline
  • Working session on chargeback

Implementing Initiatives with KPIs

  • Defining KPIs
  • Defining effective KPIs
  • KPIs for efficient IT initiatives
  • KPIs for operations management

Integrated Monitoring & Governance Initiatives

  • DCIM as an integrated monitoring tool
  • Applying FORCSS to DCIM acquisition

The course is 16 hours, live remote Instructor-led, of intensive instruction and hands-on exercises that cover the advanced concepts of critical facility management.

This course is suited for critical facility operators and outside experts who support critical facilities. Individuals who will benefit from the AOP course are:

  • Professional Operations Managers
  • Data Centre Facility Managers
  • Project Managers
  • Consultants
  • Network Architects
  • Enterprise Architects

The Uptime Institute's AOP course is intended for graduates of the Accredited Operations Specialist or Accredited Tier Specialist courses who wish to advance their expertise and designation. The course provides advanced multi-disciplinary concepts necessary for the operation of critical facilities based on the Uptime Institute Tier Standards criteria.

Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of resilient IT and critical facility sites. This course will provide next level instruction to Accredited Operations Specialists and Accredited Tier Specialists on advanced site and portfolio-level governance and management concepts. The curriculum covers data centre and portfolio operations and culminates in an examination.

Successful completion of the Uptime Institute AOP course, demonstrated through examination at the end of the course, will result in an Uptime Institute endorsement of the individual as an Accredited Operations Professional.

Professional course cost is US$4,985 per participant. This course is CPD accredited and may also qualify for your country's Professional Development Hours (PDHs) requirements (may not be applicable in all countries).

Supplementary learning: