Fluke Electrical Installation & Appliance Testing

Program Overview

With attrition levels rising, your lead technicians approaching retirement age, and the increased deployment of temporary workers, training and skills development is more important than ever before.

Quick 'how to' explanations by your supplier salesperson or relying on YouTube tutorials creates false expectations and potential misinterpretations of instrument readings when it really counts. After all, you need measurement results you can trust.

Fluke offers installation test training for beginners, as well as deep-dive programs for advanced users.

All are designed to:

  • Increase productivity
  • Document legal compliance with BS 7671
  • Prevent errors and injury

The 1-day Fluke Electrical Installation & Appliance Testing ensures learners are confident in executing their work, resulting in high job satisfaction levels and happy clients.

Program Content

Learn how to increase productivity

  • Participants learn how to test electrical installations and/or appliances and to document results
  • Theoretical explanations of measurement procedures
  • Practical exercises on various models ensuring that what has been learned can immediately be applied in day-to-day work

Document legal compliance with BS 7671

  • Proof that the installation is safe and guaranteed to work
  • Documentation will demonstrate good workmanship
  • Standards compliance keeps you out of the 'blame game' between the various parties involved with the installation, in case things don’t work out as planned

Learn how to prevent errors and injury

  • Inadequately trained employees are liable to make mistakes, leading to failure to meet job deadlines and incurring penalties. On top of that, these could lead to equipment damage, injuries, and even mortalities