Virtual Classroom Attendance Requirements

We look forward to welcoming you to the upcoming Virtual Classroom environment. Below is a list of requirements and general information regarding attendance that will help to maximize the learning experience.


The following are required:

  • A laptop/PC with unrestricted internet connectivity, the latest internet browser and suitable applications for reading PDF and standard office documents
  • A USB camera, microphone and speakers (recommended), if not an integrated laptop/PC camera, microphone and speakers will be fine
  • Dual monitors to be set up and used to view an extended desktop
  • A reliable broadband connection (suggested >4Mbps dedicated). A hard-wired connection is strongly recommended
  • A small software program download (plug-in) for internet browsers to access the Virtual Classroom, this is compatible with most Macs and PCs – please click the link(s) detailed within your Joining Instructions email and go to:

‘To Connect to Virtual Training Room’

and then click:

‘Step 1: Install VTR Conference Client (PC or MAC) and Test Your Audio, Video and Connection’.

Learning Systems

Throughout the program you will be required to access:

  • Virtual Classroom – please use the same link(s) as detailed in your Joining Instructions
  • Moodle – Moodle is CNet’s online learning portal which is accessed through your web browser
  • Login details will be sent to you in readiness for the start of the program
  • Your instructor will guide you through the Moodle layout and functionality at the start of Day 1
  • Moodle will provide you full access to the program educational materials and acts as the portal for assignment uploading


To ensure we deliver the highest quality learning experience please can we ask you to:

  • Ensure you are online and setup at the program session start times
  • Mute the microphones when you are not required to speak and use the raised-hand policy for requesting access to a conversation
  • Use the online chat for questions and comments
  • Have your camera switched on at all times