Remote Attendance FAQs

For the last three years we have been delivering programs via live Instructor-led Remote Attendance classes. We anticipated this would be driven by the need to operate in a more sustainable and environmentally sensitive way, we obviously did not anticipate COVID-19.

Smart Rooms are fitted with the latest high-definition, bi-directional audio/visual communication and collaboration tools so all learners and the Instructor can see and interact with each other in the usual way.

Remote Attendance is a completely different learning style to traditional online learning or distance learning programs. Although these are great ways to learn, the content is usually only online based with little collaboration with an Instructor and the learner is responsible for their own learning schedule, motivation and meeting deadlines etc. Remote Attendance is a fully immersive and interactive experience that delivers the same rich quality content that you would experience in a classroom setting. The programs are also delivered in the exact same way a classroom-based program would run, set start and end times each day, break for lunch and constant interaction with the Instructor and everyone else on the program.

Learners experience the same, if not more, interaction than you would normally experience in a standard classroom learning environment. Remote attendees can see and hear everyone else attending remotely as well as the Instructor at all times. You can interact and engage with your fellow learners, with the Instructor to ask for further assistance/explanation and also to take part in team activities in smaller virtual break out rooms. This unique experience really does transport the learner into a learning group environment where you work and learn together in the exact same way you would in an actual classroom but just from a working environment that best suits your current needs/requirements.

No high-tech equipment is needed to attend, learners are just required to have access to a laptop/PC with unrestricted internet connectivity and the latest browser and suitable applications for reading PDFs and standard office documents. A USB camera, microphone and separate speakers are recommended or an integrated camera, microphone and speakers. Dual monitors are recommended as ideal to view an extended desktop and further enjoy the experience.

It’s simple to join the Remote Attendance programs, all learners receive a link from CNet to download the necessary free software and log in details for the CNet Training Learning Management System. There are always members of the CNet team on hand to help with any technical queries or questions that they may have.

Absolutely! A lot of our learners join the program from the comfort of their home. Remote Attendance programs are designed to fit around the learner and for them to attend from the environment that best works for them. Some of our learners work in a mission-critical environment and so are not able to travel into a classroom so remote attendance allows them to continue learning and remain close to their facility, others choose to learn from their office.

Yes, every CNet Remote Attendance program is Instructor-led and delivered live on a variety of time zones globally.

CNet is trusted and renowned for its quality, comprehensive and technically detailed programs. Maintaining the highest quality of programs is at the heart of CNet and so we limit the class size to 16 per Smart Room to preserve the levels of interaction, participation and maintain the quality of teaching and assistance to our learners.

Yes, CNet has built the capacity to deliver from 15 Smart Rooms therefore allowing us to deliver 15 different programs simultaneously in different time zones across the globe. View all the programs and timezones, by using the button below and filter by your desired timezone.

CNet completely understands this and that is why we have created Remote Attendance demonstrations to give learners/organizations the opportunity to see the learning experience for yourself. The demonstrations last for around 40 minutes with a Q&A at the end.

We have a full schedule of program dates in time zones across the world and are able to deliver fifteen live classes simultaneously. So, it’s business as usual for CNet, we can deliver our entire schedule (excluding COPT® and CIIT® programs) by way of Remote Attendance utilizing our Smart Rooms.