Competency & Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM®)

The World’s First Competency & Confidence Assessment Modelling (CCAM®) Tool for the Digital Infrastructure Industry

Risk affects every organization, although the types of threats that businesses face will depend on varying factors, yet many businesses struggle to accurately identify, and counter risks effectively and so increase the chances of making costly and reputational damaging mistakes.

CNet has launched the world’s first Competency and Confidence Assessment (CCAM®) Modelling Tool for the digital infrastructure industry that is revolutionizing the way managers identify, manage, and mitigate
people risk.

The CCAM® Tool provides real-time analysis of knowledge, competence and confidence for individuals and teams and exposes root causes of employee behavior (positive and negative).
It recommends individual interventions and professional development activities aimed at enhancing knowledge and positively changing behavior to ultimately reduce human related risk.

The CCAM® Tool Process

It’s easy, we just require the names and email addresses of your teams and will register them onto the assessment. To begin the initial assessment, the individuals receive an email from us with a link to
start the assessment, it can be taken on any device. The individuals read the situation paragraph and work through the questions relating to it, selecting their answer and the level of confidence in their response. Once complete, we collate the results, create individual and team reports and recommend the next steps to take.

This could be:

  • Re-assessment (to confirm good results)
  • Mentoring/coaching
  • Undertake online module learning
  • Attend a remote attendance technical education program

How Does CCAM® Work?

It is a complex and proven SaaS platform, which is supported by a team of psychologists and behavioral experts and operates within International Test Commission guidelines. The software works through situational judgement and assessment criteria to identify people risk. It focuses on identifying exactly where data center technicians’ real skills, knowledge and capability gaps are. Situational judgement assessments to identify:

  • What each employee:
  • What each employee’s: CONFIDENCE is in what they think they understand
  • Which employees are going to apply: what is RIGHT
  • Which employees are going to apply: what is WRONG

However, considering the huge difference between testing someone’s memory and knowing how they will behave in a critical environment. CCAM® adds a further layer to the assessment by capturing levels of
competence and confidence in each answer. This provides further crucial insight that is also used towards scoping the recommended targeted individual interventions and professional development activities. The results show on an individual and team basis and, with the ability to re-take the CCAM® Tool assessment again post-development, it provides a good measure of the success of the chosen interventions and professional development activities and therefore maximizes the opportunity to measure ROI.

Is Your Business at Risk?

On average 79% of all staff pose some or significant risk to the business:

Yet, with a focus on understanding exactly where the knowledge, skills and competency gaps are the results can look like this*:

* Based on actual results from CCAM® Tool use (April 2020)

CCAM® Benefits

  • Managers and C-suite Executives can feel confident that they are mitigating human related risk within their mission critical facilities
  • The CCAM® can be used multiple times to ensure success and ROI of chosen intervention
  • Being evidenced based, CCAM® provides the data to allow strategic decisions to be made quickly to mitigate risk and improve technical teams quickly
  • Added organizational and individual confidence that technical teams are working towards being the best they can
  • Knowledge and skills gained from professional development activities can provide an official certification, providing evidence of individual achievements and capabilities
  • With teams of officially certified individuals, organizations can benefit from enhanced brand reputation
  • CCAM® can also be used as a pre-employment tool
Andrew Stevens, CEO, CNet Training
“Ultimately risk is a human issue and businesses need people who are adept at tackling the threats they encounter, particularly within mission critical facilities. Understanding likely behaviors of individuals and teams in high risk environments is one of the biggest challenges a data center facility faces today, but one that the CCAM® Tool addresses. It provides real-time analysis that allows managers to make the right decisions about their staff and teams to gain maximum productivity, ensure fitness to practice and mitigate people risk, all contributing to the business's risk policy. The CCAM® Tool really does take the traditional Training Needs Analysis into a new and more justifiable dimension, and one that will help maximize competitive advantage, as productivity and quality of service will also improve”.