Associate College

CNet Training is an Associate College of Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in Cambridge, UK

What is an Associate College?

An Associate College status confirms a long-term working relationship with the University with the intention of providing quality education opportunities with a commitment to lifelong learning. CNet Training has worked closely with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) in Cambridge, UK, for a number of years and this status confirmed the company’s full responsibility for the design and delivery of the world’s only Masters Degree in Data Center Leadership and Management. The Masters Degree qualification is still awarded by ARU with a full graduation ceremony, and this high level qualification continues to be recognized with the same integrity of all the other ARU qualifications.

The Associate College status carries with it robust quality and academic standards, which CNet Training is proud to uphold. ARU undertake on-going inspections to ensure the Masters Degree program continues to reach desired quality standards, and, being a CNet Training program, it also conforms to the ISO standard that CNet Training adheres to. This quality focus ensures learners can be confident that they are receiving the best education possible. 

What are the Benefits of the Associate College Status for CNet Training?

  • It provides full responsibility for the Masters Degree program content to be designed and delivered by CNet Training, ensuring content can evolve and be updated in-line with sector requirements and reflect the latest trends and sector focuses
  • CNet Training treat the content design of the Masters Degree program inline with all the technical education programs from The Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, whereby the content is regularly reviewed, refreshed and scoped in collaboration with global influencers and leaders from the industry itself
  • CNet Training can also promote the Associate College status alongside the University’s name and logo