All About Data Centers

CNet Training is helping to inspire and educate the next generation of data center professionals. We have compiled a selection of industry created videos to help educate people about what a data center is, their impact on everyone and hopefully inspire the next generation to consider one of the many career opportunities within the Digital Infrastructure Industry.

See videos below on the inside workings of a data center, a data center that looks like something out of a James Bond movie, the high security required in a data center as well as a day in the life video of someone who works in the industry.

Internet In Real Time

Below is a snapshot of The Internet in Real Time. Click on the image to see it update in real-time.

The Internet In Real Time

From Visually.

How the Internet Works

We all use apps, but most of us don't think much about the infrastructure behind the app. As Dean from iMasons says in this video, "Without that infrastructure, your phone would be about as useful as a brick."

Watch this quick introduction to what's going on behind the scenes when you use a mobile phone app.

What is a Data Center?

What Does a Data Center do?

Data Center Security

Data Centers Around the World

Inside The World's Largest Data Center

How Does Google Design its Data Centers?

Inside Data Centre Podcast

Andrew Stevens, President & CEO, CNet Training
Leaving a legacy to the data center sector - Listen here.

Matthew Hawkins, Director of Sales, CNet Training
What education pathways are available in the data center sector? - Listen here.

Data Center Fundamentals

Gain a structured overview of the data center environments, the role of a data center and key operational aspects. The Data Center Fundamentals online learning program has been designed for individuals who are either new to the data center sector (technicians with limited experience or exposure to data center facilities) or for those who sell products and services to the data center sector. Find out more here.