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For more information on Resettlement and Ex-forces education and training, download The Digital Infrastructure Industry and Career Overview or read through some of our Frequently Asked Questions below.

If you require more information or wish to chat through your circumstances and aspirations, arrange a 1-to-1 with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, before being eligible to make an Enhanced Learning Credit (ELC) claim, individual scheme members must have completed no less than six years eligible service (lower tier). The lower tier (six years service or more) of funding is up to £1,000 per claim instalment. The higher tier (eight years service) is up to £2,000 per claim instalment. Only service accumulated since 1st April 2000, may be counted as eligible service for the purpose of the ELC Scheme.
Service leavers are entitled to make three ELC claims in total. They can only make one claim per financial year (1st April - 31st March); however, if they have served between 6 and 8 years, they are eligible to aggregate all three claims together.
All the resettlement program costs, and costs after ELC contribution are listed on the CNet Training resettlement page here.

Programs are available either via Classroom-based or Live Instructor-led Remote Attendance, where suitable. Some of the resettlement programs are also available as a distance learning program, including the fully video narrated Data Centre Fundamentals program and the three-year Masters Degree in Data Centre Management and Leadership. For more information on CNet's program delivery methods please click here.

It’s been essential in these times that all of our learners and employees feel confident in coming back the learning environment and back to work. Alongside reducing class sizes, providing PPE, adhering to social distancing and our traditional cleaning methods and procedures, we wanted to go further. We bought a World Health Organisation (WHO) approved sanitisation spray product which enables us to deep clean our office and classroom spaces, so they are safe and ready to use within 30 minutes. The system provides everyone with the additional reassurance that with every application we are not only able to deep clean all of the surface areas but also the particles in the air and kill 99.99% of all viruses and bacteria, including SARS & COVID-19. This hopefully helps to reassure our learners and our staff that their safety is of utmost importance to us.

The resettlement program costs and ELC contribution are all listed in the table above.

The duration of each resettlement program varies depending on which program you choose. Full information on the durations and the program delivery methods can be found in the table above.

CNet remains the only sector-dedicated technical education provider in the world to award both internationally recognised qualifications and professional certifications. All of our programs are created by our technical team as well as alongside industry experts to create and encourage a lifelong commitment to education and to the industry, offering internationally recognised qualifications and certifications across the globe.

Certifications are unique, they show a commitment to life-long learning and they offer the perfect portal to ensure knowledge and skills remain current and up-to-date. Certifications prove that an individual has completed the learning process and achieved the stated objectives. Certifications from CNet provide learners with a post-nominal title to use after their name, an official logo to use to prove certification alongside a digital badge. Each certification gained from CNet requires re-certifying every three years and this shows that the learner is committed to ongoing learning and that their organisation is committed to ensuring their technical teams’ knowledge and skills remain current and up-to-date. We have designed a simple online system that allows re-certification to be undertaken quickly and easily.

Qualifications are valid for life. They differ from certifications in that they do not need renewing and they are controlled by international educational bodies and only approved centres can offer qualifications. The process to become an approved centre is a rigorous one and re-assessment is required to maintain approved centre status every 12 months. CNet Training is an approved centre and has been for over 20 years.

Qualifications are recognised across the globe (see the qualifications equivalence table) and can be mapped against other qualifications, for example, a level 5 BTEC qualification is the equivalent to a Foundation or Bachelor’s Degree.

CNet has created the Resettlement and Forces Leaver Education Framework that provides insight into the recommended education programs based on your current experience. CNet's dedicated resettlement team will be able to go through your experience and desired role in the industry o see which package will best fit.

If you are interested in one of CNet’s resettlement packages or would like to just talk about your new career options, please get in touch with CNet’s dedicated resettlement team.

We have a number of ex-forces personnel and reservists in our team, so we are able to relate to your circumstances and understand the importance of the decisions you are making, so we can help you every step of the way. You can email or call our Resettlement Advisor on 01284 767100.

We are regularly in touch with industry-leading organisations to see who is recruiting and so we can put Service Leavers in the right direction and pass on CVs, however, we cannot always guarantee this.

Following the CNCI® program, Service Leavers work with CNet’s resettlement team and are placed with a cable installation company for a 10-day work placement. This work placement provides valuable on-the-job experience, and as the industry is facing a skills shortage, a lot of these companies are looking for new recruits so the work placement could be compared to a 10-day interview. What better way to show your knowledge and skills than being put in front of a team every day for two weeks.

Yes, work placements are run all over the UK. CNet’s dedicated resettlement team work closely to try and find a placement in a location preferred by the Service Leavers.

CNet’s resettlement programs are available to those who are planning on leaving the Armed Forces and if eligible can apply for funding with Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) which varies depending on years’ service. It’s such a fantastic opportunity for Forces Leavers to gain the very latest technical knowledge and obtain industry-recognised qualifications and professional certifications to kick start their new careers. CNet’s technical team has also matched programs to current military experience and levels to make it easier for Forces Leavers to find the correct education programs to meet their needs.

Everyone relies on network cable infrastructure and often without realising. Whether it is to check emails, manage traffic lights, maintain safety through air traffic control, watch Netflix, run a global organisation or utilise technology without even knowing.

The career opportunities within the Network Infrastructure and Data Centre sectors are really strong, the demand is only increasing and so for those who are able to demonstrate their skills and knowledge with a certification and qualification, the job opportunities available to them are fantastic.

The Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) program is the industry preferred certification and is often stated as a must-have within tender documentation for new build and refurbishment projects across the UK, having this certification and qualification, along with our contacts throughout the sector, can really help to enter the industry.

It’s a big deal when it comes to spending your resettlement grant and that is why CNet has an experienced resettlement team to help you every step of the way and even just answer any questions you might have regarding our programs and getting into the industry with no obligation or pressure to book a program.

For more information contact our Resettlement Advisor at -