Draka Approved Installer

Program Overview

Theoretical online or physical training program (depending on experience) covering copper and fibre optic installation practices to support the Certified Draka UC Connect Approved Installer.

Benefits of becoming a Draka UC Connect Approved Installer:

  • Access to unrivalled, diverse product and system portfolio from the Prysmian Group including Sirocco Blown Fibre
  • Complete end-to-end passive solutions for Enterprise, Datacentre and Industrial Applications
  • UK/EU manufactured cable
  • Installer friendly High Density Category 6 and Draka Patented Category 6a F/FTP designs
  • 3rd Party Approved Systems
  • 25 year UC Connect Warranty
  • Advantages of Draka UC Connect Approved Installer Training
  • Reduce costly design and installation errors
  • Provides installers and, in turn, end user clients with a high calibre of engineers, giving piece of mind
  • Gives the engineers, at all levels the confidence to interface with customers and consultants on a technical level
  • Differentiate your company, showing you are up to date with current standards and installation practice
  • Keep ahead of the competition with the USPs available from the UC Connect range
  • Approved Installer Certificates will be issued in the individual’s name, reducing the risk of installations being conducted by untrained personnel

Draka recognises that our market is mature, and that there is a high level of technical competence and experience within the installer base, however Draka want to ensure that it’s Approved Installers are right up-to-date with the latest standards and technologies whether they have been established for decades, or new to the industry.

Points to Consider:

  1. Installer new to the industry must recognise the difference between a normal punch down RJ45 Jack and tool-less RJ45 Jack
  2. Experienced installers have been installing UTP for the past two decades. With increasing demand for 10G systems, it is now common place to terminate Cat6a U/FTP cables with significant installation differences
  3. Also when estimating a Shielded Cat6a project, did you realise that Draka UC Connect cable is available in Reelex boxes? Reducing costly installation time and outlay for A frames to hold the 500 metre wooden reels
  4. Finally, we all know there are issues with space in containment, especially when it comes to adding to an existing system. Do you know all the patented high density cables from Cat6 and Cat6a range of Draka cables?

The communications industry is very much an innovation-led industry with solutions such as Draka UC Connect introducing products often many years ahead of future standards. Draka UC Connect Warrantied System which include Bendbright, UCFuture, UCFibre, UC500, UC1500 are several examples, where you may not know the full benefits and utilise the potential of the products which in turn could save you time and money and give you a differentiator to your competition and also give your customer a future proofed system.

For further information regarding this course please contact your Draka representative.

You can find contact details for Draka at www.drakauk.com