Corning LANscape Installer

Training Goals

With this training course the learner will reach qualification as a “Corning LANscape Approved Installer” for fibre optic and high performance copper cabling networks. After completed payment and course participation he/she will receive a LANscape Solutions Training Certificate. The LANscape Installer Course Certificate is a pre-requisite for membership in the Corning Extended Warranty Program (EWP). EWP Members may offer their customers 25-year Corning product warranty for projects which are registered with Corning and contain 100% Corning products in the passive datacom networks.


The learner will understand suitable applications for key products and will be able to install them properly. The learner will be able to test performance of the physical network and verify its compliance to prescribed standards. Additionally, he/she will be able to localise faults in the physical network as well as identify and repair them.


  • Corning Introduction and basics of fibre
  • Cable Types / Handling:
    • Cable stripping ( Loose Tube), fibre cleaning*
  • Termination Methods:
    • UniCam® Connectors*, anaerobic epoxy and polish connectors (demo only)
  • Hardware Connecting Components:
    • Hardware, fibre routing, fibre furcation kits
  • Cleaning Recommendations
  • Project Documentation
  • Standards: structured cabling with focus on fibre optics:
    • ISO 11801/EN50173, EIA/TIA568
  • Testing and Measuring:
    • Equipment
    • Reference set-up*
    • Field test procedure*
  • System Build Exercise:
    • System Build: UniCam, CamSplice, loose tube cable , furcation, i-MIC cable and testing*
* (Hands-On Exercises)


  • Class vs. Category
  • CCS copper systems (FutureCom F, S500, FutureCom E):
    • S500, Modular Hardware*
  • S/FTP vs. UTP
  • Standards (Structured Cabling focus on Copper):
    • ISO 11801/EN50173, EIA/TIA568, grounding
  • Testing:
    • Equipment
    • Field test procedure
  • Link Build Exercise:
    • S500, S/FTP800 cable, outlets, panels*
    • Measure NEXT, PSNEXT, FEXT, Attenuation, RL, etc
    • Testing / troubleshooting example*
* (Hands-On Exercises)