The Real Data Centre Assets: People

If one were to point out a potential single point of failure to an organisation that relied upon data centre services to operate, how much time, effort and money would be spent resolving and removing that single point of failure?

Every business claims that its people are their most important asset and the primary driver of success. They constantly market the skill and knowledge of their own people over and above the competition’s, citing many personal attributes, abilities and a culture that makes their offering the best; but how many organisations genuinely have a structured investment programme in training for mission-critical people to remove that potential single point of failure?

People are the very life blood of any organisation, but what is the truth about the important investments required to properly support staff development made by most organisations? This presentation will discuss these issues and the critical dependencies we have on the real data centre asset – you!

Brighttalk presentation from CNet Training on data centre assets

Posted: 20/05/2013 9:02 AM