Masters Degree News

 As we head into the first semester of the 2017/18 academic year, we see our first learners heading into the most weighty and academically challenging elements of the Masters program. The post graduate major project is what makes the Masters such a robust qualification. It is the piece of work that allows learners to really become immersed in an original piece of research that puts all the previous learning and industry experience into practice together.

The work demands academic engagement, creativity, rational and critical thought. It provides an opportunity for individuals to examine a particular issue, problem or phenomenon in a way that is unique and valuable to the sector as a whole.

One of the most notable points about the post graduate major projects on this program is the highly specialised and distinctive work that can be developed. There is dearth of academic material that scrutinises the business leadership aspects of data centres putting the work of our learners at the forefront of thought leadership in the sector.

It was always expected that our graduates would be seen as leaders in their fields as professionals who meld technical capability and business leadership acumen. The post graduate major project really is the vehicle by which this thought leadership is enacted and delivered back to the sector.

We wish all of the final year learners all the very best with their projects knowing that there is some intensely challenging, fascinating and highly specialist work being done across the cohort.

More Networking Opportunities
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Posted: 9/07/2017 12:16 PM