Human Error is Still the Main Cause of Data Center Failures…

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Some interesting results from the Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey.

“Uptime Institute frequently sees percentages of failures ascribed to human error. In our experience, all major failures that happen in normal peacetime can be attributed to human error. Uptime Institute has not visited all the sites concerned in this report, but the hands of the error prone operator, manager, and supplier are clearly evident.

A majority (80%) of the respondents to the Uptime Institute survey believe their biggest/most recent outage (for those who had suffered one) was “preventable.” This result suggests, as Uptime Institute always advises, that the most common cause of problems lies in processes and practice, rather than architecture or equipment. But the survey also supports the view that cautious and careful design at the outset does reduce outages.”

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Download the survey and report here:
Global Data Center Survey
Uptime data shows outages are common, costly, and preventable –

Posted: 23/08/2018 11:34 AM