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CNet & ARU

Ever wondered what happens when you take money out of a cash machine, or where the BBC iPlayer is housed? It’s all down to data centres – and soon, firms like Amazon, Google and Microsoft could send top professionals to Anglia Ruskin University to hone leadership skills.

Anglia Ruskin has teamed up with CNet Training to help leaders and senior managers working in data centre facilities to transform their careers by developing a masters degree in the subject.

Data centres play a huge role in modern life. Without them, there would be no online shopping, social media or anything else hosted on the internet – and modern life as we know it would collapse. Leadership and management skills are just as important as technical skills for keeping these centres running, making the new masters degree absolutely essential to further develop and enhance skills and ultimately form the elite group of data centre professionals.

CNet Training is the world leader in providing professional education and training to data centre professionals and its clients include major and highly recognised multinational organisations across the globe. The aim of the collaboration is to unite two exceptional educational organisations to introduce new top level learning within the data centre industry to benefit both individuals and the industry itself.

Jan Skene, Head of Degrees at Work at Anglia Ruskin University, said: “People working as data centre leaders are often technological wizards who have been fast-tracked to the top, but have not necessarily undergone training relevant to a leadership or management position. Anglia Ruskin is working with CNet Training to find a solution to this skills gap through Degrees at Work.

“This partnership demonstrates once again how Anglia Ruskin is at the forefront of innovative learning in the workplace and that employers are benefiting from this flexible method of working with a university.”

Andrew Stevens, CEO/Managing Director at CNet Training, said: “This global first and unique opportunity is a result of the combination of CNet Training, recognised as the global leader in data centre training and education, and Anglia Ruskin University’s award-winning high-quality work-based learning.  It provides a unique education and personal development opportunity for those working within a data centre to advance their knowledge to master degree level.

“Working with Anglia Ruskin University offers the perfect partnership for both highly skilled individuals working within the data centre environment and the data centre industry itself.  Individuals can become part of the ultimate elite group of highly qualified data centre professionals and the industry can benefit from the enhanced knowledge and expertise that will be channelled into it.”

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Posted: 22/08/2014 12:21 PM