Draka Joins CNCI® Certification Initiative

Market-leading cable manufacturer Draka is the latest to have signed up to support the new Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) certification for cable installers. Draka will now accept this accreditation as a demonstration of competence for contractors looking to join its coveted UC Connect Approved Installers scheme.

Product Manager for UC Connect, Lee Stokes, is hugely supportive of the new certification: “There is no doubt that this is a sign that the industry is at last growing up” he summarises. “For a long time the industry has needed a set level of competence that everyone recognises and trusts. The determination of the team at CNet Training has resulted in the CNCI® programme to deliver that.”

For those who have yet to undertake CNCI® programme, or who choose not to do so, Draka will still provide its current training programme to ensure all contractors have the opportunity to join the UC Connect scheme.

“The industry has been crying out for a certification for years yet nobody has been able to tackle the issue successfully” says CNet Training CEO Andrew Stevens. “Not only have installers and manufacturers been very quick to endorse the CNCI® certification, it is now being specified on tender documentation.”

Lee Stokes sees benefits to both the manufacturer and installer: “Draka is a manufacturer not a training provider. Having an industry-led training programme delivered by a professional training company allows us to focus our resources where they should be – on providing the best products and most comprehensive technical support to our UC Connect installers.”

See the CNCI® website for full details.

Posted: 24/06/2015 12:56 PM