CNet Training’s Dr Terri Simpkin, Appointed to iMasons Advisory Council

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iMasons continues to invest to narrow the talent gap and increase our European focus by appointing Dr. Terri Simpkin to the iMasons Advisory Council.

Last week iMasons announced the launch of our scholarship program recognizing digital infrastructure-specific training and education programs at 11 institutions in the U.S. and EU, many of which offer training through distance learning worldwide. One of the recognized schools is Anglia Ruskin in the U.K., where Dr. Simpkin is a Visiting Fellow and the co-author and program leader of CNet Training’s groundbreaking Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management.

The Advisory Council is iMasons primary guidance body. Its members build, supply and operate some of the largest digital infrastructure portfolios on the planet, and they lead and guide iMasons to ensure we are focused on the right issues in this fast-changing industry. The appointment of Dr. Simpkin to the Advisory Council underscores iMasons focus on closing the talent gap and our continued expansion in Europe. Plus, Dr. Simpkin is also the first woman to be appointed to the Advisory Council.

“Terri’s research on when people begin to make, or limit, their career options has helped us understand that we need to engage and influence kids, especially girls, as early as 10 and 12 years old in order for them to consider working in digital infrastructure as a possibility for their future”, said Jeff Omelchuck, Executive Director of iMasons. “Terri was recently appointed the Vice-Chair of iMason’s Education Committee. Appointing her to the Advisory Council will ensure her input is incorporated at the highest strategic levels to help us focus our attention on the inflection points that can make a huge difference in the future outcome.”

Dr. Simpkin is the Higher and Further Education Principal at CNet Training and a Visiting Fellow at Anglia Ruskin University in the UK. She has a passion for contemporary education and has created award-winning programs in vocational education and progressive industry focused university courses. She has worked across the corporate and higher education sectors and with education institutions around the globe.

As a consultant to governments, industry associations and business in the area of labor strategy and workforce capability, Terri authored reports to Australian state and federal government departments on skills and labor shortages and continues to conduct research into labor challenges in the data center sector.

Posted: 5/07/2018 7:45 AM