CNet Training’s Recent Collaboration with the DCA

Kevin Lloyd-Bisley Instructor at CNet Training

Kevin Lloyd-Bisley chats about our recent collaboration with the Data Centre Alliance (DCA) delivering the DCA Bootcamp Training.

The bootcamp training was a great success. There were 21 keen students in total, all from various backgrounds and all with aspirations to gain an understanding of data centres, why they are important and what makes them function. Split into distinct modules, the training comprised, two days within a classroom environment, followed by a day off-site visiting two data centres. The third day was back in the classroom, learning about the management of data centres and, most importantly, discussing what the students saw at the data centre and how it relates to the first two days of the course.

The students were also interested in undertaking a career in the data centre industry; some were keen on management, one on data centre environments and efficiency, some in infrastructure (cabling) and the others in operations. Most hadn’t been inside a data centre before and were therefore keen to understand the operational processes.

Split into two, the training encompassed two days in the classroom, looking at the basic systems and process in the data centre, and the third day included a data centre visit. The visit gave the students an opportunity to have valuable face-to-face time with the data centre manager, allowing them to ask questions regarding the day-to-day operations. They were also able to see the mechanical and electrical systems that support the IT equipment and see some of the elements that are needed to run a modern data centre.

I believe the bootcamp inspired the students; they were enthused to learn more about the data centre industry and the future career opportunities available to them.

Personally, I feel that the data centre industry, working with other professional organisations such as CNet Training, need to keep the training momentum going – there is a need to commence the education process as early as possible. The DCA, and the professionals working with them, have made a great start, however with the current skills shortage within the data centre industry there are huge opportunities and we all need to play our part in helping to spread the word and attract new professionals into the industry. Some support and funding from Government would be ideal to help push this process forward.

Posted: 28/11/2013 11:30 AM