CNet Training Launch their Data Center Energy Program throughout the US

CNet Training, the global leaders in data center training programs are launching their new Certified Data Center Energy Professional (CDCEP®) training program throughout the US.

The new energy focused training program enhances CNet’s already sought after global data center education framework by adding a further tier of knowledge dedicated to the subject of energy management and efficiency.

The seven day program can be segmented into two units allowing data center professionals to train in a modular way at a pace that suits their learning style and workloads.

The units are:

CDCEP® Core Unit – 3 days
Provides a comprehensive insight into energy audits and evaluation, energy forecasting, capacity reclamation, strategy and efficiency planning, capacity reclamation, KPIs and metrics.

CDCEP® Professional Unit – 4 days
A detailed insight into the delivery of the energy efficiency plan, system specific analysis, ROI, codes and best practices, CAPEX, future technical developments and energy efficiency accreditations.

Successful delegates can demonstrate exceptional expertise in the energy field and are qualified to address energy issues with advanced knowledge. They can also provide a holistic approach to improving energy efficiency in the data center through the creation of an organisation’s future energy strategy and detailed plans for implementation. Successful delegates are awarded Certified Data Center Energy Professional (CDCEP®) status, a post nominal title, a BTEC Professional Qualification at level 5 (equivalent to Bachelor Degree) and industry recognized professional certification.

CNet Training’s Managing Director Andrew Stevens adds,

“Energy efficiency is one of the key factors relating to the on-going management of data centers and one that is gaining greater emphasis due to issues such as increased energy prices and changing legislation to force a reduction of energy consumption. The CDCEP® forms part of our already successful data center education framework. The program addresses the key issues associated with energy usage and provides information, tangible tools and methods to enable real energy savings, efficiencies and capacity reclamation. In addition it provides delegates with the insight to confidently create implement and manage their on-going energy efficiency strategy in line with the business needs.”

CNet Training has been delivering dedicated data center training programs and awarding internationally recognized qualifications and certifications since 2005. Their unique and sought after data center education framework is delivered on a global scale. It is as a result of CNet working with data center professionals throughout the development process and is the only dedicated data center framework that maps training, education, qualifications and certifications to those actually working in the industry. The training is paced perfectly to follow actual career development and provides the right mix and level of knowledge and skills needed within particular roles in a data center environment.

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Posted: 18/10/2013 11:13 AM