CNet Training Extends Its Registered Trade Marks to the US

CNet Training’s Registered Trade Marks for programs from The Global Data Centre Education Framework across the US have been extended to include all programs from The Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework.

As well as CNet Training’s Network Infrastructure programs, all qualification Levels 4 & 5 programs from The Global Data Centre Education Framework are also registered. This is great news and now means the important program brands are protected as Registered Trade Marks of CNet Training across the UK, Europe and now the US too.

Andrew Stevens, Managing Director of CNet Training said: “This is fantastic news for CNet Training. Registering our brands gives us additional strength in the marketplace and helps to really distinguish CNet Training and our popular programs. In addition, it provides more assurance that CNet Training are the global leaders in data centre training and education.

Being totally dedicated to providing education we are constantly developing new programs and expanding our global technical teams to fulfill the growing demand for technical knowledge, official certifications and recognised qualifications within this vital and evolving technical market.”

For more details on CNet Training and the programs from The Global Data Centre and Network Infrastructure Education Framework see

The following programs are Registered Trade Marks of CNet Training:

Data Centre Programs

Network Infrastructure Programs

Posted: 15/03/2016 9:22 AM