CNet Invests Further to Support the Growth of the CNCI® Program

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With the popularity of the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) program continuing to grow, CNet Training has again increased its investment to support program delivery across the world.

The investment includes the very latest equipment, recruitment of network infrastructure Instructors and an increase in the number of delivery locations.

Following a nearly quarter of a million investment in 2016, a further £225,000 has been invested in Fluke Versiv DSX-8000, Fluke Versiv OptiFiber® Pro OTDR and CertiFiber® Pro OLTS and Fujikura 70S Splicer, bringing CNet Training’s grand total to 24 Fluke Versivs and 18 Fujikura Splicers.

The popularity of the CNCI® has led to the expansion of five CNCI® education centres in the UK and Ireland, as well as the delivery of the program in North America, and with plans for two more education centres to open in the UK later this year. It has also led to the recent addition of three network infrastructure Instructors needed to deliver the program. These investments mean that CNet Training will be able to deliver the CNCI® program at multiple locations simultaneously, making it more accessible and commutable for learners.

The CNCI® program, which is endorsed by companies throughout the network infrastructure sector, is designed for those wishing to demonstrate the highest level of knowledge, skills and expertise in network infrastructure. Supported by manufacturers, installation companies, consultants and associations the CNCI® continues to be specified within tender documentation.

CNet Training’s International Lead – Network Infrastructure, Martin Smith, said: “This is another step forward for the CNCI® which will help us support our current growth in locations and further expansion as we continue to meet the growing demand for the program. We have had close working relationships with both Fluke and Fujikura for a number of years, their equipment is high quality and we are delighted to utilise it as part of the program content.”

For more information on the CNCI® program, please visit:

Image: (L-R) Martin Smith – International Lead – Network Infrastructure, Tony Clare – Infrastructure Instructor, Kevin Matless – Infrastructure Instructor, Ken Hillyer – Business Development Manager

Posted: 26/01/2018 9:21 AM