Annual Gathering of Sector Leaders

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The 2017 Infrastructure Technology Curriculum Forum has been deemed a success from hosting company CNet Training.

Now in its second year, the event brings together professionals from the sector’s most influential organisations, spanning installation companies, manufacturers, consultants and end users, to discuss and scope the future content for education throughout the network infrastructure sector.

With the Certified Network Cable Installer (CNCI®) program firmly established as the certification for network installation professionals, it is important that the content remains current and reflects the actual needs of the sector. CNet hosts this annual event to ensure the technical aspects of the CNCI® and all programs from the Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework continue to reflect the very latest working practices and technological advances of the sector.

CNet’s CEO, Andrew Stevens, kicked-off the event and set the scene by highlighting the increased demand that CNet is experiencing for network infrastructure programs, at all levels, across the world, especially the US. He stated that it is more important than ever for sector leaders to get together, even if they are competitors, to share thought-leadership, understand where the knowledge and skills gaps are, and discuss the latest and evolving trends to provide valuable information that can be used to help protect the future of the sector across the globe. Andrew comments, “As an organisation we are totally committed to acting upon and implementing the requirements of the sector, for the benefit of the sector.”

Paul Gorman, technical manager at CNet, chaired the forum. In addition to reviewing the technical content of existing programs, Paul led a group discussion to explore the demands and frustrations of the sector, including the knowledge and skills gaps. This provided a valued insight that will be considered when developing new and complementary programs to the existing Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework. Paul adds, “The event always evokes interesting debate, workflow discussions and a people focus which is so interesting. I enjoy having the opportunity to work with like-minded sector professionals to discuss elements that will improve the capability of the workforce and help shape the future of the sector.”

Posted: 23/06/2017 8:30 AM