Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management Learner Feedback

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Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership & Management Learner Feedback

Here is a selection of the feedback we have received:

“It’s been a challenging yet enjoyable three years I have to say. The DC manager version of me that started out on the course 3 years ago is virtually unrecognizable to the one that exists today.

It’s fair to say that my company has already gained back its investment in the Masters Degree in leaps and bounds, and I can honestly say the entire experience has set me up in a really good way for the rest of my career. Easy to say now, but it was worth every hour of being locked away reading through literature or tapping away at a keyboard.”

Sean Moloney, Data Centre Manager, Irish Life and Permanent Plc – Graduate

“After 3 years of hard work and dedication I finally got confirmed my Masters Degree qualification. It was a great experience and I’m proud to be one in nine of the very first Masters in Data Center Leadership and Management worldwide.”

Mladen Loncar, Data Centre Operations Manager, IBM – Graduate

“The Masters Degree is very challenging, but at the same time it is a rewarding experience that I am really enjoying. For anybody who wants to understand the importance and implications of effective leadership within this dynamic industry, I would thoroughly recommend it.

I want to thank you all for your help and support with what has been a fantastic journey. Your passion, coaching and mentoring throughout the Masters Degree program kept me going and encouraged me to develop and strive to succeed – it was tough at times but you were always there to help.

I look back on what was an unbelievable learning experience and one that has had a big impact on my life, both professionally and personally.”

Dave Hughes, VP Field Application Engineering, CommScope – Graduate

“I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the amount of resources made available to distance learners. It’s the first course of this kind where I didn’t feel like a distance learner. The team do an incredible job of bridging the gap that typically exists in this type of relationship. The effort and passion of the team shines through.”

Jamie Fogal, Critical Facilities Professional

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