For Manufacturers

The CNCI® program and associated certification is helping to shape the future of the network infrastructure industry by introducing professional and industry recognised certification to cable installers.

Major manufacturers endorse the certification knowing that it provides the right level of technical knowledge, competence and confidence to the industry whilst demonstrating capability and credibility. Many also recognise it towards their own product training:


CNCI® certified individuals can utilise CommScope’s Infrastructure Academy’s Flexible Course Facility to modify the installation training rather than attend the 2-day installation course.

The CNCI® is an acceptable certification when applying for the US Connect Programme.

iDaC Solutions
To become a Datwyler Installation Partner learners can attend the CNCI® program and just a two hour Datwyler accreditation.

Maxtrix Cabling
CNCI® certified individuals can register to become a Matrix Cabling Approved Installer and are able to offer a 25 year warranty on Matrix registered installations.

Maxxam Cabling Solutions
Companies with a minimum of two CNCI® certified engineers will be accepted onto the Maxxam Installer Partner program without the need for them to complete any further formal training.

Recognises the CNCI® as an acceptable certification for structured cabling installers to become a Molex Business Partner who can offer 25 year system performance and application assurance warranty.  The CNCI® certification reduces the Molex training requirement to a minimum online only course.

Ultima Comms recognises and endorses the CNCI® program as an ideal certification for existing experienced installers.

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The CNCI® incorporates the Fluke Versiv™ CCTT Program providing full certification.

Robert Luijten, Global Field Marketing Manager | Fluke Networks

Organisations Endorsing the CNCI®