For Installers

The CNCI® program and associated certification is helping to shape the future of the network infrastructure industry by introducing professional and industry recognised certification to cable installers.

It provides the very latest information about the preparation and installation of network infrastructure cabling. Once achieved the CNCI® certification ensures individuals are qualified to work to the correct cabling standards and follow the recommended codes of practice when undertaking cable installation projects. It demonstrates the highest levels of knowledge, skills and expertise in network infrastructure.

With a team of professionally trained and certified individuals the risks are significantly reduced and organisations can feel confident that their staff are competent. When you consider the huge risks associated with not employing professionally qualified people staff, coupled with the impressive return on investment you can gain from utilising trained staff, the answer is to have trained and qualified employees you can rely on to deliver consistent results.

The CNCI® offers the perfect solution to network cabling organisations to help ensure they continue to deliver quality of service and confidence to the market place, in addition to helping secure your organisations professional reputation.

For employers who have a team of certified individuals, the benefits are strong

  • Instantly delivers confidence, reassurance and competitive advantage to the market place
  • Helps to secure the organisation’s professional reputation as a leader in its field
  • Gain a return on investment associated with having a team of professionally trained staff, as they work more competently, accurately and efficiently.
  • Reduces the time needed to attend different manufacturer’s training programs.

Some Endorser Comments:

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At Computacenter we are delighted that the CNCI® training program will bring a defined and appropriate level of competence, and therefore confidence, that is much needed. Whilst we feel we offer the highest levels of service today, the CNet Training program brings an industry recognised certification that will demonstrate both capability and credibility and we welcome it.

Jamie Allender, Head of Physical Infrastructure | Computacenter

Organisations Endorsing the CNCI®