AFCOM is a leading association for the advancement of data centre and facilities management professionals across the world. AFCOM provides data centre and facilities management professionals with unique peer networking opportunities and educational forums and resources through its annual Data Centre World® conferences, regional symposium events, published magazines (Data Centre Management Magazine), local chapters, research and industry alliances. AFCOM members are any and all professionals related to data centre and facilities management. Although their titles are widely diverse, they share similar responsibilities for data centre infrastructure across industries including corporate, high-tech, healthcare, insurance, government, financial and education as well as varying sizes from Fortune 100 to SMBs. AFCOM members serve in major decision making roles from data centre and operations managers, engineers to MIS directors, CIOs, CTOs and other IS/IT professionals.

The USA is a very important hub for CNet Training and the unprecedented demand for our training courses means we train across the USA in a variety of regions and cities, from Dallas to Denver, Maryland to Minneapolis, Washington to Wichita. We understand the USA Data Centre Industry and now, being members with AFCOM will enable us to reach out to businesses across the USA to help them meet their training needs. Read more about the Partnership.

The Green Grid Association

The Green Grid Association is a non-profit, open industry consortium of end users, policy makers, technology providers, facility architects, and utility companies that works to improve the resource efficiency of information technology and data centers throughout the world. With more than 175 member companies around the world, The Green Grid seeks to unite global industry efforts, create a common set of metrics, and develop technical resources and educational tools to further its goals. Being a member with the Green Grid means we get to participate with fellow industry stakeholders in the quest to improve data centre resource efficiency. Our specifically created training courses are designed to focus on key industry challenges, and the best practices in how to deal with those challenges on a daily basis. We also have opportunity to influence both product developers, those who work inside and run data centres, and the end users of data centre and information technology.

Data Centre Alliance

Data Centre Alliance LogoThe DCA is an international Industry association based in Europe, which represents the Data Centre Industry to the business world, the media, governments and the general public. DCA not only encourages collaboration between the 27 member states of the EU, but also to widen participation to both new and growing markets. The objective of the DCA is also to provide members with exclusive access to advice, guidance and academically peer reviewed documentation