Individuals and the companies they work for all over the world are benefitting from the skills and knowledge that they gain from attending programs from CNet Training.

It’s just one of the reasons why we are considered the world’s leading data centre and network infrastructure education provider. Industry professionals know that when they attend one of our programs they will come away with the knowledge that will allow them to excel in their work based activities.

We ensure that every one of our carefully designed and delivered programs exceeds expectations, and because we regularly review the content of every program, it is always as relevant as possible and reflects current developments.

And don’t just take our word for it, our Clients agree, please see below
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The CDCM® is one of the best programs that I have been on and the instructor is one of the best I have had.

The CDCD® is an eye-opening program. It causes/forces one to think. It is a program that I will recommend to my colleagues.

IT Support Engineer - Tshwane University of Technology
The CNCI® was thoroughly enjoyable I would recommend to other people in the trade and other relating trades.

Technician - Active Networks
The CDCDP® was excellent! Chalked full of information. The instructor was fantastic and a joy to learn from and the material is all there and relevant.

Data Centre Engineer - DreamWorks Animation
The CDCE® is an excellent program with a good instructor. I enjoyed it and it has been very productive and good investment of time and money.

CEO - Certios B.V
The CNIT® program contains clear and concise information, created good environment to enjoy and learn throughout the week.

IT Installer - Herbert Group Limited
I had a great instructor and a great class again! Lots of discussion. I always learn so much when I take these classes.

Implementation Engineer II - ADP
The CDCT® is an excellent program - delivered with knowledge and humour and relevant to my experience.

Technical Service Analyst - RBS
The Certified Data Centre Energy Professional (CDCEP®) is the third CNet Training program I have attended and I am always impressed with the quality of delivery, by highly experienced instructors, and the in-depth content of the programs.

IT Solutions Manager - Rittal Systems Ltd
The CNCI® is a really good program. The content is comprehensive and relevant. The instructor was capable and knowledgeable with ample onsite experience to offer useful analogies and understands the issues faced by installers in the field.

Project Manager - Elecomm Ltd