Delivered by Expert Instructors

Successfully delivering quality training to a class is a very different skill to that of presenting to large audiences at conferences. It requires a detailed understanding of the science of teaching and assessment, so here at CNet Training we ensure that all of our instructors are qualified in this skill set; they each have their own professional development plan to ensure that an engaging personality and teaching style with clear objectives for the training courses are their overriding objectives. Course delegates receive up to date information in a way that allows them to implement best practice and state of the art techniques in their day to day activities. At CNet Training we are proud of our ability to provide course delegates with access to some of the most respected and technical minds in the data center industry. This may seem obvious, but is sometimes overlooked; a great instructor has knowledge of and enthusiasm for the subject matter that they are teaching. They are prepared to answer questions and keep the material interesting for the course delegates.

Our instructors are employed by CNet Training and are world renowned and qualified to deliver training courses that match their areas of specialist knowledge. They also help to shape the direction of their industries by being members of associations and committees that define how that industry will operate in the future.

Adrian Jones CDCDP CDCMP CDCEP DCEP ATS RCDD Director of Technical Development Adrian joined CNet Training after a long career in the British Army as a Telecommunications infrastructure designer and project manager. Adrian then took up a career in the Data Centre industry where he went on to design and project manage data center builds and support major clients in both the Public and Private environments incorporating a number of highly recognised clientele.
Melissa Chambal Instructor at CNet Training Melissa Chambal CDCDP CDCMP CDCEP RCDD NTS CTPM NCSA Technical Manager Melissa comes to CNet Training with 20 years data center and network infrastructure experience, bringing with her 5 years experience teaching Data Centre Design and Network Design courses as well as her BICSI background as a Master Instructor. Melissa heads up CNet’s North Central and South America regions.
Kevin Lloyd-Bisley Instructor at CNet Training Kevin Lloyd Bisley CDCTP CDCDP CDCMP CDCEP DCEP RCDD NTS OSP TPM Instructor Kevin is an experienced technical consultant and project manager with a proven track record in a number of B2B sectors including IT, aviation, leisure and telecommunications. He holds a multitude of BISCI qualifications (including BISCI RCDD/NTS) and other industry recognised data centre qualifications.
Andy Walls instructor at CNet Training Andy Walls CDCTP CDCDP CDCMP CDCEP DCEP RCDD NTS Instructor Andy’s background as a Technical Manager, responsible for the pre and post sales support for Network design and trouble shooting for both Copper and Fibre Structured Cabling Systems and Data Centres throughout Europe, provides CNet with a rich set of skills and expertise. He is a member of the BSI TCT7/-/1, TCT7/-/3, and of CENELEC TC215/WG 3 Expert Panel to assist development of European and International Standards for cabling infrastructure, design, planning and commissioning.
Kevin Matless CNCI CDCTP CDCDP CDCMP DCEP RCDD NTS Instructor Kevin enjoyed a 22-year career in the Royal Air Force; towards the end of that career he became the Chief Instructor at the Aerial Erector School based at RAF Digby. He also qualified as a City & Guilds fibre optics instructor and an NVQ D32/D33 Assessor. Kevin also speaks fluent French. In addition to this he delivers a wide range of other courses from fibre optics, wireless networks and data centre design programs.
A picture of Chris Cook, Instructor at CNet Training Chris Cook CDCTP CDCDP CDCMP DCEP Instructor Chris came to CNet with over 30 years experience of working in high profile Data Centres, managing the planning and installations of both equipment and IT infrastructure on a global basis, as well as managing projects of business transformation, organisational structures and working procedures across the Data Center industry.
Roger Bell CNCI CDCTP CDCDP Instructor Roger came from British Telecom where he began his career as an apprentice and worked upwards gaining qualifications, valuable knowledge and experience. After a life at BT, Roger worked as a repair technician on USA air bases, on bespoke equipment and services, and then branching out into security alarm systems and CCTV. Roger utilises all his skills and knowledge to instruct on the CNCI and Tech Pro courses at CNet.
Tony Hasset Instructor at CNet Training Tony Hassett CNCI CDCTP CDCDP RCDD Instructor Tony has joined CNet following a successful and impressive career spanning over 23 years within the technical and sales environments of network infrastructure. He demonstrates exceptional knowledge in copper and fibre network topologies having designed custom solutions for clients, and provided on-going management services into data centres.
Bob Maxted Instructor at CNet Training Bob Maxted CDCDP CDCMP Instructor Bob has over 30 years’ of experience within the sector. After a career in the Royal Signals he advanced his career working for large scale data centre facilities for multinational organisations, he was responsible for the physical infrastructure design, build and project management. His focus at CNet will be the delivery of the popular Certified Data Centre Management Professional (CDCMP®) program.
Larry Mathewson Instructor at CNet Training Larry Mathewson CDCDP CDCMP RCDD CTPM CET Instructor Larry’s background of 30 years with Bell Telecom Canada made him a perfect appointment for CNet Training. His background has been in Business Systems management, Senior Engineering Technician and Design and Project Management. He now specialises in Copper & Fibre cabling and the Certified Data Centre Design Professional training program.
George A. Salinas Instructor at CNet Training George A. Salinas CDCDP DCEP Instructor George is a Registered Building Architect (RA), covering design & construction principle and consultancy to the international design and construction industry with over 25 years experience. His impressive skills portfolio spans the entire industry, from IT data centre design specialist, technology consultant, construction project manager, including construction of mission critical facilities such as data centres, IT & medical facilities and trading floors.