Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP®)

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The CDCDP framework
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Program Overview:

Since it was launched by CNet Training in 2005, the CDCDP® has quickly established itself as the world’s leading designation for data centre professionals, with thousands of people having successfully completed the program.

It’s proven to be an essential certification for individuals wishing to highlight their expertise and progress their career in the data centre sector. This sought after program has been designed by CNet Training’s renowned in-house experts to satisfy the need for skilled personnel who have the highest levels of data centre design knowledge and competency.

The CDCDP® program comprises a comprehensive agenda that explores and addresses the many elements associated with designing a data centre and teaches best practice principles for the design, construction and operation of computer rooms and data centres. It consists of a number of subsections that address the fundamental requirements of a successful design such as physical infrastructure, electrical power supply, air conditioning and data cabling. It concludes with a comprehensive design exercise that leads delegates through the varying steps, milestones and vital decisions that are needed throughout the configuration process.

Best practice is achieved by bringing together the requirements of British, European, US and International standards.

The CDCDP® program is classroom based and led by one of CNet Training’s expert instructors.

Delegate Profile:

The CDCDP® program is designed for individuals involved with, or responsible for an existing data centre, or those looking to achieve best practice when designing and implementing these facilities. Suitable for those with experience in the data centre sector, the program covers in-depth issues on a wide range of relevant topics and is consistently updated to reflect the latest trends and developments.


Experience of working within a data centre environment is essential.

Program Requirements

Delegates are required to bring a laptop with internet connectivity. A download link will be emailed to you one week prior to the program to allow you to prepare to access the material during the program.

Program Objectives

Delegates gain a comprehensive insight into the essential elements of data centre design and how to address them in a variety of situations and applications.


  • Level 5 BTEC Advanced Professional qualification in Data Centre Design


  • Certified Data Centre Design Professional (CDCDP®) certification
  • Use of CDCDP post nominal letters after your name i.e. Martin Smith CDCDP
  • Use of the CDCDP® logo

Additional Awards

  • CNet Training Certificate
  • CPD’s

Useful Links

CDCDP® at a Glance
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  • What is a Data Centre?
  • Importance of Design Project Management
  • Scoping the Requirement
  • Raised Access Floors
  • Cabinets
  • Power
  • Cooling
  • Earthing and Bonding
  • Cable Containment, Management and Protection
  • Delivering the IT Strategy
  • Copper and Optical Fibre Cabling Connectivity
  • Safety and Manageability
  • Commission and handover
  • Power Review
  • Power Regulations
  • Power Basics
  • Power to the Data Centre
  • Distribution in the Data Centre
  • Standby Power
  • Cooling Review
  • Regulatory Climate
  • Environmental Parameters
  • Collecting the Heat
  • Heat Rejection or Reuse
  • Energy Use
  • Data Centre Metrics
  • Best Practices
  • IT Infrastructure and Software
  • Power Systems
  • Cooling Efficiency
  • Efficiency Models
  • Design Management
  • Managing the Design Process
  • Managing the Design Implementation Process