The Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework

The CNCI® program represents level 3 on The Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework, the only framework in the world that maps professional learning, education, qualifications and official certifications with roles and career progression throughout the industry.

Strutured Career Planning and Education for Industry Professionals

 The Global Network Infrastructure Education Framework
From qualification level 3 through to comprehensive network infrastructure design programs at level 5. The framework provides clarity and offers industry professionals an opportunity to map professional training to meets their career requirements. It is recognised and respected across the industry and provides designations that have become key skills reference points that allow those holding them to clearly demonstrate their ability and experience.

Each program has been designed to address the skills and knowledge requirements of the industry and cross references to the very latest European and International standards and best practices.

Whilst the programs flow perfectly from one to another they are of equal value as stand alone programs, plus you can enter the framework at any level depending on your level of experience.
So, whatever your job role, you will be able to find a program to suit you.

Plus, the Network Infrastructure Education Framework forms part of the renowned Global Data Centre Education Framework, starting with the CNCI® program, it maps professional education throughout the data centre industry through to a Masters Degree. The framework is trusted and followed by organisations across the world.

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