Our Train-the-Trainer Quality Commitment

CNet Training is committed to quality management and takes it very seriously. CNet Training’s quality management system is certified as conforming to ISO 9001:2008 which demonstrates continued quality focus. Every Instructor is employed by the company which allows the implementation of processes to ensure that they are equipped with the knowledge, skills and abilities to guarantee program delivery is exceptional in every respect. This starts with the rigorous Train-the-Trainer process, detailed below.

Train-the-Trainer Process

Each Instructor has to undertake the following process for each program they will teach. The process can take between 6-12 months to complete which demonstrates our total commitment to quality and ensuring our program delivery continues to be world renowned.

  • The Instructor will attend the program they will teach.
  • The results of their assessments from the program material are assessed by the Technical Manager and verified by the Operations Director and Operations Manager. They must achieve a ‘very good – excellent’ result and where there is an exam at the end, they must achieve above 80%.
  • The Instructor will then have time to study to strengthen areas that he/she feels require it.
  • If the Instructor achieves the high results of attending the program, the Operations Manager arranges a date and a global location for the Instructor to assist/joint teach the program with one of the other highly experienced CNet Training Instructors.
  • The Instructor will then have time to study to strengthen areas that he/she feels require it.
  • If the Instructor is successful in the assist/joint teach, the Operations Manager arranges a date for the Instructor to deliver a teach-back in front of the class students whilst being audited by an experienced CNet Training Instructor. The teach-back must meet a set of stringent criteria set out by the Technical Manager – it is this process that will determine when the Instructor will be approved to teach in the future.
  • On successful completion of the teach-back, the Instructor is approved to deliver this particular education Program from the Global Data Centre and Network Infrastructure Education Framework.
  • When the Instructor is ready to progress to teach further programs, he/she must undertake this entire process again for each program.

There is also an on-going assessment required with regular Technical Audits, to ensure each Instructor’s technical delivery meets our required high standards. Plus after each program delivery a Quality Audit is undertaken from information received directly from the feedback provided from each student (each student is asked to assess the program content and the delivery from the Instructor and there are certain quality scores we aim to achieve, if we do not meet the required quality scores action is taken to address this).

Plus, as each CNet Training program is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure the technical content remains current, Instructors receive Masterclasses from the Technical Manager, this new learning is also assessed to ensure accuracy when delivering to students.